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Sample papers for grade 5

About the 5th grade pencil box

About the 5th grade pencil box

Top 5 best sample essays description of the pen box of good students. Invite readers to refer here to write a good article about their pen box. Wish you always study well and get good grades.

About the pen box – Exercise 1

Every year on my birthday, I receive many gifts from friends and relatives. On my last birthday, my cousin gave me a beautiful box of pens. It’s one of my favorite gifts.

Oh my, how beautiful this pen box is! It’s light pink – my favorite color and it’s made of very sturdy metal. Her pencil case is rectangular, about twenty-five centimeters long, eight centimeters wide, and four centimeters high. Such a size is not too big, not too small, it fits very nicely when put in a bag. The outside two sides of the pen box are pictures of four cubs studying. Some you stand, some you sit. My favorite is the bear wearing a bright yellow polka dot dress, they look so cute.

Describe the best pen box

My pen box has two main compartments. When I opened the first compartment, I found it was divided into four small compartments: there was a compartment for me to keep some chalk, a compartment for pens and pencils and a small compartment for an eraser. The second compartment is just a larger and deeper compartment than the first main compartment. I use this compartment to hold an eke ruler and some ink wipes. Each side of the pen case is painted light pink. In particular, one of the first main compartments also has pictures of worker bees carrying baskets looking for honey. Perhaps the pen box wants to remind you to sting like the other bees, to try to study well.

When going to school, this pen box has made my study much more convenient and organized. Many cute little school supplies I put in there, so I never forget to bring them and be afraid of losing them.

I have been using the pen box for almost a year, but because it has been carefully maintained, it still looks like new. It’s like a close friend of mine and I love it so much.

About the pen box – Task 2

In order not to lose my small school supplies, my mother bought me a very pretty pen box.

On the market today, the design to the color of the pen box is very diverse. But my pen box is pretty simple. The pen box is made of synthetic resin. Designed in a rectangular shape. It is about 22cm long and about 5cm wide. The lid of the box and the body of the box are articulated and have a button for easy opening and closing. Light blue pencil case.

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On the face of the box are pasted cute and funny shapes. Familiar cartoon characters are designed and decorated on the face of the box. They have made the pen box more lively and eye-catching. When opening the box, small overlapping compartments appear. The compartments of the pen box are suitable for each of our students’ frequently used items such as rulers, pens, erasers, pencils, etc. Items that are used every day and neatly placed in the box will never be. Try to find them when needed. Especially, with the pen box, we can keep and preserve them. Because, small objects like this are very easy to lose and damage. The pen box is designed to be compact and lightweight, suitable for our school age, easy to carry, easy to store.

With the pen case, I don’t need to worry about them falling out anymore. I love my pen box very much. Not only was it bought by my mother, but it also helped me a lot in my studies.

Write about the pen box – Exercise 3

On the occasion of my birthday, Hoa gave me a very nice pen box and I really liked this pen box.

My pen box is also made of flexible plastic so it is also very light. The length of this pen box, I measured with a ruler, it was about twenty centimeters, when measured to the width about seven, eight centimeters and about the height of about three centimeters. More specifically, I can see that on the lid of the box there is a picture of a spiderman that I like very much, the print is so beautiful that when I go to school, my friends also have to admire and compliment my pen box for having a beautiful picture. The lid of the box seems to be opened and closed easily. When looking into the inside of the box can hold four or five pens of all kinds, which have been cleverly kept in order not to be lost. In particular, the pen box also comes with a small ruler and some other sundries so that it can effectively serve my study work.

It can be said that when there is a pen case, my bag seems to have become more organized. When the pen is finished, I put it in a neat box so I don’t worry about forgetting where or losing it. Whenever I go to school, I want to use any kind of pen like in drawing time, for example, I just need to take out the pen box and have it right away, how convenient.

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I always love that pen box very much because it is a gift from a relative, and more especially, it seems to be my sister Hoa’s gift, moreover, my family wants me to study well and be more obedient.

Write about the pen box – Exercise 4

The pen box was one of my close friends throughout my studies. It has helped me a lot in preserving my pens and other small items.

My pen case is made of nylon material. It can be correctly called a pen bag. Because it has the shape of a bag. The hollow cylindrical pen bag, round bottoms are surrounded by a hard and thick fabric so that the bag does not tear at the ends. Different from the usual pen box, there is a zipper on both sides of the bag. Just open the zipper to take things out of the bag as well as put things in the bag. Made of fabric, the pattern on this pen bag is also quite simple. Just squares, rubic cubes, zigzag. these shapes with many different colors such as red, brown, black, stand out on the background of blue fabric. At one round bottom of the pen bag there is a nice little strap. The handle makes it easy for the user to carry and hold. The area in the bag is quite large, which is a circular void that matches the shape of the bag. The bag is about 27cm long, the bottom is about 4cm in diameter. The interior space is enough for me to keep my pens and other school supplies. It is very compact. A whole bunch of my little things are kept in there. But it can hold a lot. The zipper of the bag is very smooth and easy to pull. The fabric used to make the pen bag is also specially designed. It’s more colorfast than regular fabric, and it’s also waterproof. This helps a lot for the preservation of school supplies as well as the durability of the bag. In addition, the bag is quite beautiful with strange patterns.

My pen box has followed me from the first days of school until now, it can be said that it still retains its value as well as its beauty. The pen box has become my close friend on the arduous student journey, accompanying me to reach the heights of knowledge and the future.

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Write about the pen box – Exercise 5

It can be seen that it is the pen box that is my pride. This beautiful pen box of hers is one of the rewards that her mother bought for her when she did well in school.

The plastic pen case is very light and has a ripe plum color, on it is a picture of a princess with blonde hair, how beautiful it is. My pen box is rectangular in size, length, width and height in that order is 18 X 6 X 2 (cm), divided into 4 compartments, it’s very convenient. I have also divided the compartments into details, which is the horizontal compartment for erasing. Where are the 3 vertical compartments for fountain pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, rulers and even her lovely compass. When I was in the box lid, I also pasted the color picture cut from the pictorial “Dance of the Swans” so beautiful. I seem to have realized that every time I open the pen box, I also feel how much a beautiful dream lights up in my soul. That is the dream that I dreamed of being carried by the swan to travel around the four worlds and also with the blonde princess as a walk. And it is also thanks to the pen box that I have all the learning tools. At this time, I no longer have to borrow Tan’s ruler, Ngoc’s eraser… during class.

Having a pen box, I seem to have become more thoughtful, more careful, know how to preserve school supplies to study better for myself. Every time I go to class, the pen box is in my bag, and when I am in class, the pen box is on the desk, in front of me. When I got home, the pen box was neatly placed next to the bookshelf. It is like a picture with a shadow that is not far away

In my class, there are also many friends who have very nice pen boxes, bought at the supermarket. Each pen box is its own beauty, and so is my pen case, so I have always loved the pen box.

Thank you guys, just finished reading the top 5 best articles description of the pen box. Hope you can write a good essay about your pen box. Wish you always study well and achieve high results!

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