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The legend of Da Hoa village

Once upon a time in Da Hoa village, there was a highly skilled sorcerer named Dung. Not only did he have many miracles, but he also had compassion for people. Long ago, he was elected as the head of the incense, and was respected by the people in the area.

At that time, the village of Da Hoa had several years of drought, successive seasons lost, and the people were in dire straits. Many people have to bring their gardens and fields to sell. But the price of rice is getting higher and higher, the field is decreasing day by day. In the end, the people’s land was in the hands of a few rich guys. Seeing this, Mr. Dung thought of ways to help the poor. He told the rich:

– God bless you, how many poor households take back and give to some people who have property. It is a holy blessing. But if you do not know how to give thanks, then there will be times when you will be punished by the saints.

Knowing that he was a man who could communicate with God, the rich people were afraid and asked him:

– What to do to give thanks to the saints?

Mr. Dung replied:

– Our village has no family. The saints come back to have nothing to live in. So quickly build a family.

– It’s too expensive to build a family.

– The rich give up their possessions, the poor give up their work, if each person cultivates a little, the big thing will soon be completed. If that’s the case, even though I’m incompetent, I’d like to be the foreman.

The rich listened to him. They then met in the village to decide to build a communal house: those who have wealth collect money, while the poor carry the land and carry the sand. Mr. Dung personally collects money and acts as an urger. He said to the rich:

– All gods have eyes, “measles sent from heaven, twisted heaven and earth”. Constantly benevolent, whoever spends much will be blessed with much.

They heard that they all competed to raise large sums of money and gave it back to him. But as much as he got, he distributed it to the hungry people. He told them to carry the earth to build the foundation of the communal house, plant a hedge around the house, plant all kinds of trees in the courtyard, including vines such as ambergris, etc.. Then, he made an appointment with the rich for another three months. family will complete. The rich people saw that he had distributed all the money and were suspicious, but when they saw him speaking hard, they half believed and half doubted. And he had never failed an appointment with anyone before, so he did not dare to ask.

Time has passed, the foundation of the communal house has been completed, the donation has been large, the deadline is about to expire, but there has been no movement. Seeing that there was not a single stick of larch wood, and half a piece of bricks and tiles, the rich people came to urge Mr. Dung. He simply replied: -“The family has a family! Whoever gives birth will have birth!”

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Some rich merchants in the neighboring village, Van Phuoc village, had previously spent large sums of money on the work of building a communal house in Da Hoa in the hope of receiving blessings from the saints. , then came to retort Mr. Dung:

– We come here to trade and see good deeds, so we also put our hands in to round up the blessings. I didn’t expect that you’d “spoiled” all of them, just sitting there talking nonsense.

Then they gathered around the upper legs and lower forearms, beating him with swelling in his face and face. Mr. Dung replied:

– The family has a family! But hitting people is a crime, hitting the “senior” level is even more serious. Whoever hits me must atone. I didn’t say play!

Then he took his staff and hat and went to Van Phuoc village to catch the temple. When he got there, he went to Van Phuoc communal house, put his cane and hat in the middle, and sat down.

Then he took off his shirt and opened the place where the king was beaten with the people of Van Phuc who were present:

– Ladies and gentlemen, see. Hitting people is not a game. The Giap named At in this village caused a fight against us for no reason. He who gives birth has birth! There will be a temple!

Saying that, he just sat in the middle of the chopsticks and thread cart. If someone asked him what he did to do that, he replied “danh neo” (that is, to say that driving means neo Dinh).

The magnates of Van Phuoc village were instigated by the rich merchants and went to the communal house to chase Mr. Dung away. He did not go, saying:

– You have to answer me about this villager, the Giap named At, suddenly beat me for no reason. I’ve been washed away, then I’ll leave!

They ask:

– How do you want to wash away the humiliation?

– Whoever hits me must make a temple to pay for it.

– What if you don’t have a family?

If you don’t make a family, you can borrow this temporary house and pay it back later.

Because his demands were unreasonable, they refused to prosecute. In the end, they took the opportunity to chase him away. He waited for them to gather, and then he casually said:

– Now I will stick this stick in front of the communal house. If our village can pull up the stick, I will leave immediately.

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– What if you can’t spit it out?

– Losing the family.

They said “yes”. The two sides make a signing paper.

Then, Mr. Dung leisurely stepped out into the yard, holding his bamboo stick, and plunged it into the courtyard of the communal house, and said: – “Pull it out! Let the people spit!”.

Seeing this, a young magnanimous man folded up his sleeves and aggressively:

– Why does it take a lot of people to work? Please sit down, officials, just me spit is enough. Hey, old man, look here, there’s a way and a way out!

And he ran over, grabbed the stick with one hand to spit, but couldn’t. Then, he pulled with both hands, but he couldn’t. Then, he hugged his whole body and tried to shake it but didn’t move. Sweating profusely, he called the people around him to help. Mr. Dung said:

– I challenge all of you inhumans!

Everyone immediately gathered around the mighty man, one person, two people, dozens of people; but strangely, even with dozens of hands, the stick still did not move. The liars are tired. They played a trick for the village boys to pour out and tie the ropes to pull, but they did not win. In the end, they discussed tying ropes around the buffalo’s neck, whipping the buffalo to pull them, but they did only one thing in vain: all the ropes were broken, and his staff was as strong as the sky.

Mr. Dong burst out laughing.

– Then you lose!

Then turning to the people, he said:

– Please remember, if our village loses the communal house, it’s not my fault. That’s because the Giap named At it gave birth to life. Make them rebuild another house for the temple!

At midnight that night, the sky was full of wind, thunder and lightning, the wind howled violently. In the meantime, people heard interjected sounds like the sound of trumpets and drums and the commanding voices of Mr. Dung: – “Raise up!… Lower… Chain to the left…”. The communal house of Van-Phuoc village suddenly flew into the air along with the boulders supporting the pillars; The family crossed the bamboo ramparts and went to the riverbank, the entrance to Da Hoa village.

Mr. Dung has been waiting there for a long time. He sat on his hat and swam to the river to follow the family to control. Communal house crossing the river is the water surface. After that, the house flew back to Da-hoa and landed smoothly on the newly built foundation. There were the shouts of Mr. Dung again and the noise resounded here, and after a while, it was quiet like a sheet. Checking all the places, Mr. Dung saw that only one boulder fell while crossing the river, and everything remained unchanged. The transition was completed with care.

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The next morning, the villagers of Van Phuc looked at the communal house and saw that there was only a bare foundation left. They went to the house of a few rich merchants to ask for a family.

These guys were worried, so they gathered the nobles to file a complaint with the official accusing Mr. Dung of stealing the communal house. District officials asked Mr. Dung to ask:

– Why do you use demonic magic to steal people’s houses?

Mr. Dung pretended to be bewildered. Quan again said:

– Van Phuc village accused you of stealing the communal house for Da Hoa village. Is there any way to be honest to avoid interrogation.

– Undermining, Mr. Dung said, what the plaintiff brought up was “absurd”. So may I ask, how long did the family take?

– Was it just the other day?

Mr. Dung laughed.

– The big mandarin in the name of “people’s father and mother” accompanies those who do not order, but also listen.

The district official banged the table and shouted:

– Where’s the soldier, handcuff this guy for me.

Mr. Dung calmly replied:

– Ask the great mandarin to reduce the anger of the lowly people and ask the plaintiff: What traces are there on the foundation of Van Phuoc village to know how long the communal house has been dead?

Van Phuc philanthropists said:

– Cabbage has leaves.

Mr. Dung laughed.

– Ban Quan, one side lost the pavilion to say that the cabbage had just sprouted leaves, and the communal house of my village, the morning glory had grown to the roof. Please visit the real examination.

When the officials visited the communal house of Da Hoa village, they found that around the communal house, the hedge had grown green, and in the courtyard of the communal house was luxuriant with trees: especially the conifers had climbed to the roof. Seeing that, the mandarin decided to let him win.

The Van Phuc village magnates lost the lawsuit, stuck their necks out and left. Then, accused by the villagers, the rich merchants who beat Mr. Dung in the past meant that the Giap named At had to raise their necks to give Van Phuoc another communal house.

It is said that the communal house of Da Hoa village is still there, a pillar of it is still suspended because of the lack of a boulder when crossing the river.

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