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Analysis of Chi Pheo’s mood after meeting Thi No

Analysis of Chi Pheo’s mood after meeting Thi No


After meeting Thi No:

– At first: Before meeting Thi No, that night Chi Pheo was drinking at Tu Lang’s house, an old man who was both a shaman and a pig eunuch. There, never had Chi Pheo been able to drink so much… People thought that the whole Vu Dai village had to abstain from drinking to let them drink. When he returned to the garden, Chi was so drunk that he did not go into the hut but went straight to the river bank to bathe. On the way, he met Thi No, sleeping carelessly under the moon. That touch was completely random, instinctive of a man in a drunken stupor.

– The awakening:

The next morning, after experiencing 2 events: meeting Thi No and then being hit by the wind, Thi No took her to the tent.

+ First, Chi Pheo sobered up: This is probably the first time he sobered up since being released from prison. The previous times, when he was sober, he drank again, so he got drunk the next time. And this time, Chi Pheo sobered up with a different state: “People are weak, limbs do not bother to lift; or hungry, he shivered a little. His gut felt a little queasy again. He is afraid of alcohol like sick people are afraid of rice.” That is a very strange thing about Chi.

From sober up, Chi Pheo gradually awakens the consciousness inherent in an ordinary person. For the first time, we heard the chirping outside, the laughter of the marketer, the knocking on the roof of the fishing boat. All these sounds are familiar voices that are not present every day, but today Chi Pheo has only heard them, because he has never stopped being drunk.

Not only that, but Chi also knew that in addition to his damp, dim tent, the sun must have already risen, and the sun outside must have been brilliant. Just like the drunkards who wake up, Chi Pheo feels bitter in the mouth and vaguely sad. But for him, this is a feeling, an emotion that has just been awakened. When Chi Pheo heard the sounds of life and knew that sooner or later, he was gradually becoming aware of life. Then he remembered the past, that once, dreamed of having a small family life. Her husband hires a plow. Wife weaves fabric. Giving up a pig to raise capital. If they are well off, they buy a few sao of rice fields. Usually, people think back to a long time to understand the present. Chi is the same: He sees that he is old but still lonely. Sad life! Is there any reason for that? Is he old enough? Beyond the first forty years old… He had reached the other slope of life.

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Then Chi Pheo envisioned an uncertain future: In people like him, who have endured so many poisons and tortures, but have never been sick, an illness can be a sign that the body is sick. much damaged. It is a late autumn rain that indicates it is windy and cold, this winter has come. Chi Pheo seems to have foreseen his old age, hunger, cold and sickness, and loneliness… The more he thought about it, the more worried Chi became, because loneliness was more terrifying than hunger and cold and illness. If Thi No doesn’t come in, just let him wander, then you can cry. At this point, no one thinks Chi Pheo is the devil of Vu Dai village anymore. A person who is not only rich in feelings and emotions, but also has a deep sense of life and self must be an ordinary person! With Chi Pheo himself, he has completely returned to the path of self-consciousness.

– When being cared for: In the following days, Thi No lived with Chi Pheo. He was sick and Thi No became the only one to take care of him. The writer did not tell much about that care but stopped to describe in detail the bowl of onion porridge that Thi No had fed to Chi.

+ For Thi No, it comes from the pity for a sick person who lies alone, the love of a benefactor and the love of a benefactor.

+ As for Chi Pheo, he feels a lot: This is the first time he has been given a gift by a woman. In the past, he has never seen anyone give anything… His life has never been taken care of by a “woman” hand…He has never been loved by a woman. And this time, Thi No’s bowl of onion porridge made him think a lot. He can find friends… Thus, through a bowl of onion porridge, Chi Pheo feels the loving care of others for him and he also wishes to have that love.

+ From the feeling of Thi No’s love, feelings and feelings were awakened more deeply in Chi Pheo: He felt that his eyes seemed to be wet… He looked at the steaming bowl of onion porridge and felt sad… He felt happy. just sad… He felt like a child. He wanted to coddle Thi like his mother. Oh, how he is so kind… Not only that, there’s also something like repentance in Chi… regretting a crime when it’s not strong enough to be evil anymore. He wondered and then answered himself, thinking and fearing: He is no longer strong. And sometimes he thinks to himself. In the past, he lived only by robbery and intimidation. What if you don’t have the strength to rob or threaten anymore? Granted, he was only strong because of the risk. But he vaguely saw that there would come a time when one could no longer take the risk. Now is the time to be in danger!

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+ Exploding in Chi Pheo’s mood after meeting Thi No is an honest desire. This is also the culmination of Chi Pheo’s awakening: He craves honesty, he wants to make peace with people, how great! Thi No will pave the way for him. Thi can live peacefully with him, why can’t other people. They’ll see that he can’t hurt anyone, either. They will accept him in the flat, friendly society of honest people… Chi has brought that desire to explore to find sharing in Thi No. When Thi smiled confidently, Chi Pheo felt naturally light and happy, showing that he is full of hope to return to the human world. In the days that followed, Chi stopped drinking alcohol, but tried to drink less. To save money, but especially to stay awake and love each other. Women do not have leaven like wine, but they also make people drunk. And he was drunk with Thi Lam. Even the hidden narrator, who is so cold-hearted, can’t hide his emotional feelings as he envisions their future: They’ll make a well-matched pair.

Denied the right to be an honest person:

Chi Pheo’s happy days did not last long. On Friday, Thi suddenly remembered that there was an aunt in her life… Thi thought to herself: stop loving and ask Ms. Thi first.

+ Aunt Thi No strongly opposes her granddaughter marrying Chi Pheo because who would marry Chi Pheo, a guy without a father, whose only job is to cut his face. It hurts for Chi Pheo, when he is gentle and wants to make peace with everyone, they are still afraid and still think Chi Pheo is the devil in Vu Dai village! Even Thi No’s aunt, a fifty-year-old still unmarried, living a long, resentful life, still thinks about Chi like that, let alone others. Ms. Thi No’s objection means that Chi Pheo’s way back to the honest world is closed. Therefore, at first, he was still bewildered, he thought for a moment and then seemed to understand, he suddenly froze. Chi finds it necessary to take revenge: He has to go to ****** Hatch there. Came to stab his whole family to death. If you can’t stab, then hit your head and scream. For Chi, banging his head or shouting is also a way to show his strength, a way of revenge. But if you want to hit your head, you have to get drunk. There is no alcohol to make its blood flow! So Chi drank, but this time the more he drank, the more he woke up, and especially he kept seeing a little bit of onion porridge. Thus, this is also the first time in his life that Chi Pheo drank alcohol while he was awake, unlike the immense drunkenness before. When there was a faint smell of onion porridge in his head, it proved that Chi could not forget the short days when he was cared for and enjoyed life. Now, all of that has been taken away, so Chi Chi has to go for revenge, to reclaim his honesty.

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When listening to Thi No’s story, Chi immediately thought of killing her aunt to take revenge. But after drinking a lot of alcohol, with a knife in his belt, muttering: “I have to stab him to death!”, Chi Pheo went straight to Ba Kien’s house. He never forgot the way, because aunt Thi No was not the one to take away what he had, much less could give him what he had lost. This can be considered the most sober moment when Chi returned from prison. Soberly identify the enemy: Who gives me honesty? How to get rid of these thin marks on the face? Sober in the act of committing suicide because you can’t live honestly and don’t want to return to the animal life as before: I can’t be an honest person anymore. Know it? There’s only one way…know?…Only one way is…this! Don’t you know!… The broken sentences both express the determination to take revenge, and also reveal the resentment and stalemate of Chi Pheo. Flea is the only option for Chi to deal with the tragedy of being denied the right to be an honest person. Therefore, dying but resentful, still wanted to tell everyone his desire: …when people came, he struggled to find himself in the middle of a lot of fresh blood. His eyes rolled back, his mouth yawned, wanting to speak but no sound came out. In his neck, sometimes blood still stagnates.

the bright moon

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