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Analyzing the real and humanitarian values ​​of A Phu’s husband – To Hoai

Analyzing the real and humanitarian values ​​of A Phu’s husband – To Hoai


The story of A Phu and her husband is drawn from the collection of Tales of the Northwest by writer To Hoai, composed in 1953. This collection of stories won the first prize of the 1954-1955 art prize. The A Phu couple was an outstanding success of To. Hoai after the revolution is an achievement of the anti-French resistance literature and a typical work on mountainous topics. The story has a tight structure, attractive natural lead. That is thanks to the writer’s sharp realism and humanitarianism.

To Hoai’s story of A Phu and his wife has reflected quite realistically and vividly the picture of the social life of the people in the Northwest mountains before the liberation of Dien Bien. It was a significant success of the writer To Hoai on the mountainous topic in modern Vietnamese literature.

Under the writer’s pen, readers can see that in the area occupied by the French at that time, there was still the Tho Ty langage regime, a type of feudalism in the mountains that was much harsher and crueler than the real feudalism. people living in the lowlands that were realistically described by other realist writers such as Ngo Tat To, Nguyen Cong Hoan, and Vu Trong Phung in works before the August Revolution. The embodiment of that barbaric Tho Ty regime is the father and son of the governor of Pa Tra. They took advantage and used their power and feudal practices in the mountains to turn workers into unpaid slaves, doing hard labor like buffaloes and horses to enrich them. The governor Pa Tra took Me back to be his daughter-in-law to pay off the debt! How many times have I tried to escape to my father, but because I was shown the face of the attorney general’s ghost, I had to endure to wait until the day I lost my bones here. Later, A Phu was also forced to take out a loan to pay a fine and to be in debt forever, with no hope of getting out. To reinforce that rule, they used superstitious thought to form an invisible force that bound and intimidated the mountain laborers, making them afraid and resigned in their grip. Robbed his wife to submit to the ghost was done, the loan also submitted to the ghost. The scene of Pa Tra burning incense to pray and whispering to the ghost to identify the debtor creates a spooky scene like hell on earth, where innocent people are imprisoned.

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To Hoai’s realistic pen has also provided readers with pages describing scenes of tying and beating people more cruelly than in the Middle Ages. My husband doesn’t see her as a person, he never lets me go out on New Year’s Day. When she saw that Mi wanted to go out, A Su immediately walked over, took a basket of jute bags, tied her to her feet and tied her hair to the pole so that she could not bow or tilt her head anymore. Then he tied his wife as well as tied a belt, turned off the lights, closed the door, coldly indifferent without thinking, without emotion. Later, when I gave A Su medicine, he was so tired that he fell asleep, and A Su kicked his foot in my face cruelly and cruelly. But Pa Tra once tied a daughter-in-law to death. It was A Phu’s turn to be beaten when he dared to fight against the governor’s son: A Phu knelt in the middle of the house to suffer the beating, as silent as a stone statue. A Phu’s face was swollen, and his lips and eyes were bleeding. Some people beat, some people knelt down to say cursing. It was as if all afternoon, all night, the more smoked, the more awake, the more beaten. Nowhere has life and human dignity been so overlooked!

Through the A Phu couple, To Hoai also denounced the absurd and monstrous treatment of the governors and their common form of exploitation, which is loan sharking to tie workers to the fate of slavery. depends on the owners. Witnessing the trial, we see the petitioner and also the judge. And at the end of the trial, the judge blew a hundred silver coins on the face of the casket and forced the loser to touch the face coin instead of signing the life sentence.

The A Phu couple not only exposed the crimes of the feudal lords in the mountains, but also exposed the crimes of the French colonialists who had long occupied the Northwest. They went to remote villages to burn houses, rob houses, rob doors and force people to serve them.

A Phu couple is also a true picture of the tragic life of mountain workers. Under the two layers of oppression of feudalism and colonial empire, workers had to endure a lot of suffering. The life of Me and A Phu before fleeing from Hong Ngai to Phieng Sa in the palm of Pa Tra’s father and son is symbolic of that suffering. I was originally a beautiful girl with many good qualities. However, ever since I returned to become a daughter-in-law to pay debts, in fact, an unpaid slave for the governor, in the eyes of the powerful oppressor, theocracy and feudalism in the mountains, I had to live a series of days. pain, darkness and shame. I was tortured not only physically but also mentally…

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Suffering has robbed Me of youth, turning her into a resigned person. The beautiful, talented, and loving young Cat girl is now almost dead, even a woman whose body is withered, her soul is cold and empty, she doesn’t speak more and more.

I lost all sense of time, no past, no present, no future. My life is only shrunk down through the window pane with a dim white moon that doesn’t know whether it’s dew or sunshine. I’m almost paralyzed with life, retreating like a turtle in a corner. With these details, To Hoai made the realistic picture more vivid, both in width and in depth.

The appearance of the main character A Phu, who was also arrested as a debtor, has completed the realistic picture and the denunciation value of the work. A Phu is a strong, courageous, and righteous man, who owes nothing to the governor of Pa Tra, works well, lives freely like a bird in the sky in the mountains of the Northwest. However, in the end, he could not escape the oppression of the feudal lords, and had to fall into the status of a lifelong slave in the governor’s house of Pa Tra. Just because he dared to fight the mandarin A Su in disrupting the Tet holiday, A Phu was arrested as a debt collector, as a buffalo and a horse for the governor. Like Me, during the days of living in Pa Tra’s house, A Phu suffered a lot of torture, both physically and mentally. A Fu was almost paralyzed in resistance. He had to sit like a stone statue to receive the blow and was helpless to let the tears flow in the nights when he was tied up in the corner of the house, the god of death seemed to have drawn black lines on the dark gray hollows of his cheeks. because of the despair and suffering of A Fu.

Humanitarian value is the basic value of a genuine literary work. It is created by deep sympathy for people’s pain, cherishing, appreciating the beauty in people’s souls and believing in their ability to rise. The new humanitarianism not only loves and sympathizes with human suffering, but also aims to free people from all chains of oppression of suffering and create conditions for them to become free human beings. Therefore, self-reliant people fight against all brutal forces to build a happy life for themselves. Understanding such humanitarian values, we see in the work A Phu couple that humanitarian thought is expressed first of all in deep sympathy for the unfortunate fate of losing the right to life of mountain workers, which is typical are Me and A Phu.

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The work strongly condemned the feudal colonial power, typically the father and son, the governor of Pa Tra, who took advantage of power, theocracy, and feudal practices in the mountains to turn workers into unpaid slaves and slaves. treat them coldly, cruelly like treating animals. To Hoai’s pen is imbued with the spirit of humanity, which is reflected in discovering the good qualities of workers and placing trust and respect in the aspirations of people who have been affected by poverty. full of suffering. It is also a continuation of the nation’s humanitarian tradition and a higher level of development. The work also shows the true liberation of workers from spontaneity to self-awareness, from the dark and painful rise up in the light of freedom under the leadership of the Party. It is also the brilliance of a new humanitarianism that is different from the feudalism that some ancient writers and poets in their works uphold the right to life, the human desire for freedom. people but have not found a way for them.

A Phu couple has shown readers a true and vivid way of life and people in the highlands of the country. The author condemned the feudal forces in the mountains, the invading colonial forces, deeply sympathized with the fate of the mountain farmers and affirmed their good qualities. And the work lives forever with time thanks to the writer’s sharp realistic pen and great humanitarian heart when writing about the Northwestern people who are rich in gratitude and loyal to the revolution.

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