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The cat god or the story of a mouse and a cat

In those days, the warehouses of the gods were often stolen, so the Jade Emperor needed to find someone who specialized in taking care of the treasure. Many people recommended Trial God because he thought he was a good person, hardworking, quick, and good at work. Seeing this, Ngoc Hoang gave the Trial God a bunch of keys, conferred the title of Thien Kho Giam and told him:

– I entrust you to take care of all my barns. Although God’s is infinite, it is not possible to leave things everywhere without taking care of them. Recently, there have been small and large thefts happening. Therefore, you should put soldiers on duty day and night in various places to guard. As for the food, you should put it in storage, lest it be wasted. Twice a year, you report the situation to me.

– Please obey orders!

Try God to answer like that and happily accept the position. In the early years, the Trial God fulfilled his duty. Everything is laid out in place without any disturbance. The Emperor Jade saw this and was very pleased. But in heaven, as anywhere else, “stars move things” is still common. On a day or two, the Trial God proved to betray the trust of the Jade Emperor. Seeing that the Heavens’ house was so many that it was impossible to count, how much came out, and soon it was full again, so he thought about cutting back. Belly said: – “I only take a handful of each storehouse, which is enough for my wife and children to be full and happy for a lifetime without anyone knowing.” Ben thought how to do that. Since then, in the house of Tri God, life has become more abundant, his wife and children are fatter and more charming than before. Something used for eating and drinking, something for relatives and friends, God’s increasingly encroaching Gods don’t spare their hands.

Before long, the Jade Emperor also knew that the warehouse of the Gods was in short supply, and the culprit was none other than the Trial God. Catching the obvious evidence, the Jade Emperor went into a rage. Immediately Tri God was exiled to the earthly world and was transformed into a tiny, pointed-mouthed, long-tailed animal that people in the world used to call a mouse.


Despite being dismissed from his position and exiled, the Trial God still suffers from this disability. The habit of sneaking, now that we have a small body, we can go anywhere, so mice can freely rummage around and eat human food, regardless of day or night. Not only that, it also destroys all the belongings of people displayed in front of the snout, then clothes, books, baskets, trunks, etc… without any respect. That’s why people are so angry. They also tried to kill them, but in the end they couldn’t handle it, because since the mouse-like mother appeared in the physical world, they reproduced very quickly, spreading everywhere, so they caused them no harm. how much to tell.

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At the end of the day, people have to earnestly plead with the Earth Duke, asking this god to go to Heaven to tell the Jade Emperor about the suffering caused by the rat’s excessive destruction. Realizing that people’s pleas are right: The Duke rushed to Heaven to report the great damage caused by the Trial Gods that humans are the ones to endure; did not forget to mention the rapid birth of the race of Test Gods on earth. The paragraph continues:

“Your Majesty, why do you not know anything?” Humans are allowed to live in the mortal realm thanks to the grace of His Majesty. But man’s barn is limited, unlike God’s barn, because man is inherently poor and cannot eat. If Your Majesty allows the Test God to run rampant, I fear that soon humans will no longer be able to live on the earth.

Listening to Tho Cong say, the Jade Emperor was very surprised, did not expect the harm of the tiny animal he created to be so great. After thinking for a long time, the Jade Emperor ordered Miao Chen to come and say:

– I did not expect that the Trial God who was punished by me would cause such harm to mankind. But now it’s too late to ask him to return. Now, I send you down there to help mankind prevent the destructive hand of the Trial God. Make it clear to the Trial God that people are poor, don’t encroach on the food and utensils they make. If he doesn’t listen, then punish him directly.

Miao Chen looked worried, said:

– Your Majesty, just as Thong said, the relatives of the Test God lineage are now innumerable, spreading everywhere, which is a difficult thing for the subordinates. Again, it is said that his body is small but agile, climbing, sneaking, and evading skillfully, those are two things that are difficult to eliminate and not easy.

– OK. I will make you shrunk down to the size of two and three of the Trial Gods, but soft, with hard muscles to run and jump quickly, and sharp claws, bright eyes, so that you can catch criminals even in the dark night. Are you satisfied yet?

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Originally had a grudge against the Trial God before. The cat god did not want anything more than that, quickly bowed his head and obeyed the order. So to solve the rat problem caused by him unintentionally, Ngoc Hoang created another animal called a cat.


Since coming to the ceiling, Miao Than has worked very diligently. On the one hand, he always warned rats not to cause harm to humans because they were very poor, (so people used to call him “cat” which misrepresented the words “poor”, “poor” that he used to say. screams in the ear of the Trial God). On the other hand, the cat god does fierce hunting, mercilessly exterminating the rat family.

Since then, rats have somewhat mitigated the biting of human food and utensils. Humans thank the Cat God infinitely. Different from the way other animals are treated, humans often give him good food and drink, often scooping up proper dishes for him to eat.

But from then on, annoyed because he had to be separated from his fairies in Heaven, Miao Than became angry at Tu Cong who caused him to live apart. Therefore, many times, the god Miao came to defecate indiscriminately at the residence of the Earth Duke to hate him.


Where was the old mouse,

Now harm them (or my house) like this.

It’s because of the story above[1].


In China, there is a story called Year of the Rat, which is a version of the story Tinh of the Rat (No. 114, volume III) that talks about why rats were exiled to the earthly world:

Once in the heavenly palace, there was a monk whose moral spirit had degenerated. The clone that transforms into five mice all have magical transformations. They chase a turtle to take over the burrow for shelter. Each one sometimes comes down to earth to turn into a person or a nuisance to satisfy lust. The fifth rat one day turned into a man and opened a shop along the way to harass pedestrians. At that time, my teacher Thi Tuan passed the exam. During the conversation, knowing that Thi Tuan had a beautiful wife without a husband, the owner of the restaurant – the fifth mouse – poisoned both the teacher and me, then turned into a fake Thi Tuan came to the house, said that he had failed his exam and returned. Thi Tuan’s wife did not expect anything. Until Thi Tuan’s teachers and students recovered (thanks to a Taoist healer), the exam was long over. Saddened, teachers and students returned home, but were chased by Thi Tuan. Thi Tuan really came to ask for help from his father-in-law. The father-in-law did not know how to distinguish, so he took it to a teacher to arbitrate. The teacher gave two people a test to do, but the fake Thi Tuan could also do the writing. The promotion to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister inquired to know that the real Thi Tuan had a mole on his right shoulder. But when questioned, Thi Tuan faked the magic to make such a mole grow. Then, seeing that Prime Minister Vuong was about to find out a fraud, the fifth mouse – fake Thi Tuan – by magic, informed the fourth mouse to fly to the court to turn into a fake Prime Minister, making the case more complicated. . The promotion to King Nhan Tong. About to figure out the truth and falsehood, it was the turn of another King Nhan Tong to appear because the third rat was informed and flew away, it turned out. The case added a new problem. They invited the king’s mother to judge; By testing the king’s pearl, the queen queen could distinguish the fake king. While ordering the arrest, the second rat was informed to transform into a second empress dowager. The court then had to invite Bao Cong. Bao Cong brought twenty-four servants and thirty-six figures. Initially, he asked the god Thanh Hoang to interrogate, but the fifth rat promptly informed the first rat to come and transform into a fake Bao Cong. While everyone was disappointed by the complicated and confusing case, the real Bao Cong decided to go to the underworld to find a way to figure it out. Ngoc Hoang sent ten dignitaries to help Bao Cong. In the end, Bao Cong borrowed the jade cat with a golden cat (which was made by Buddha for Bao Cong to put in his sleeve). Going to the ceiling, Bao Cong ordered the ground to be covered and then stood on top, forcing real and fake people to line up below. Released, the cat immediately took turns taking pictures of mice in human form, except for the fifth mouse that quickly escaped. Dead mice, large bodies, no blood, the king ordered meat to be eaten by the army.

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Only the fifth rat was later captured by the Jade Emperor and handed over to the Buddha. Buddha forced him to turn into a rat life today, forever in the mortal world living with things sneakily stolen from people.[2].

[1] According to Le Doan Vy, cited, No. 17 (1940), and according to the Northern people’s narrative.

[2] According to the Five Trials of Dong Kinh, Bao Cong Thu loves the story, leading in. Research on Chinese stories and novels by Levi (Lévi).

According to Truyen Giaoduc.com

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