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Mighty Great King

Once upon a time, there was a young man who worked as a fisherman to catch fish in the Boi River area. Although he only covered his body with a piece of ragged loincloth all year round, huddled in a hut by the river, he was still happily doing business, always singing with his mouth. His father died at an early age, he lived with his mother until he grew up, then left home to come here. Originally brazen, from man to god, he was not afraid of anyone, often calling himself Cuong Bao.

Nhat Sinh Cuong Bao only got acquainted with Tao Quan. When catching delicious fish and fatty shrimp, Cuong Bao often invites Tao Quan to eat. Therefore, the two sides play together very closely. When it was about to flood, or when something strange happened, Tao Quan often told Cuong Bao. Relying on good support, Cuong Bao became increasingly arrogant, disdainful of all divine demons, even considering Heaven with a swing. From the day he got married, Cuong Bao didn’t treat his mother like before. Many times, he acted too unruly, making the mother very angry, having to cry out to Heaven. Seeing a person in the lower world who did not obey the rules, the Jade Emperor immediately sent Thien Loi down to punish him. Hearing the bad news, Tao Quan immediately informed him. Cuong Bao next:

“How to avoid the hammer of the Heavenly Thunder?” Tao Quan replied: “Don’t go anywhere tonight, Thien Lei will have to stand on the roof of the hut no matter what. So it would be best to have a greasy water placed on the roof to make Thien Lei slip. At that time, all we had to do was give him a beating.” Cuong Bao obeyed, in that way to rule Thien Lei. Then, take the coriander leaves, pound them to get water, and then mix them with sesame oil into a greasy, oily liquid. Then he used that thing to sprinkle on the roof of the tent, and then sweep the banana leaves on the roof. Finished everything, he hid in the dark corner and waited for Thien Loi. Sure enough that night, Thien Loi and God of Rain and God of Wind rushed down. As soon as he set foot on the roof of Cuong Bao tent, Thien Loi accidentally stepped on slippery water, slipped and fell to the ground. So Cuong Bao jumped out and grabbed a stick and grabbed it. Sa Co, Thien Loi suffered a painful blow, tried very hard to get up and then ran back to Heaven.

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While panicking, Tian Lei dropped his hammer. Cuong Bao was very happy and picked up Thien Lei hammer as his personal weapon. From then on, everywhere I went, I told everyone that I had defeated Thien Lei. Returning to Thien Dinh, Thien Loi was not only aching all over, but also being scolded by the Jade Emperor for a good match. Immediately Ngoc Hoang ordered King Thuy to immediately remove Cuong Bao because he had offended the general of the Troi. King Thuy inherently had a very large and powerful subordinates. At first, King Thuy assigned the job to the Centipede District. District Centipede obeyed the order to crawl to the place where the fisherman and his wife lay, get into the pillow, intending to come out late at night to bite the neck. When Tao Quan was informed, he quickly informed Cuong Bao. He then told his wife to cook a pot of boiling water and dip the pillow in it. The Centipede County died before he could yawn.

After waiting for a long time to not see the Centipede District, King Thuy sent the Snake District up. Knowing that the Cuong Bao couple often urinated at night in the summer, Snake District hid in a nearby haystack. Tao Quan promptly told Cuong Bao. That night, the couple beat the head of the Snake District with two sticks. Seeing that both of his subordinates did not return, King Thuy was extremely angry, so he went to the King of Hell to tell the story and ask for revenge.

-River! River! That is not difficult. Let me send my subordinates to drag him by the neck to the eighteenth floor to let him know. Uncle calm down. The King of Hell said that, and immediately sent County Owl to do his duty. The Owl District went to the ceiling at the time when Cuong Bao was still out fishing. Standing on the roof of Cuong Bao’s tent, Owl County cried out three times. At that moment, Cuong Bao’s wife, lying in the tent, fell asleep and stopped breathing. When Cuong Bao came back, he rushed to ask for help from Tao Quan, and Tao Quan said:

-You are clever, please make me a beautiful birdcage. I’ll find a way to save your wife. Cuong Bao knitting cage soon finished. Tao Quan carried the cage and went down to the underworld to find the house of District O. Seeing the happy owl’s cage:

– Hello, Mr. Tao Quan. Where did he go with such a beautiful cage? Could you please give it to me? Tao Quan replied:

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– Things are not worth much, I am ready to give you. But first, go to the cage to see if it suits your eyes. The Owl County didn’t suspect anything, ducking right into the cage. Immediately, Tao Quan slammed the door and said:

You are now my prisoner. I’ll show the fire that you’re gone.

– Bite the grass and bow to Mr. Tao Quan. Please bless me and forgive me.

-Okay. As long as you tell me how you make people die. Just tell the truth, I promise I’ll let you go.

I have two tongues: one negative and one positive. Whenever I cry with a negative tongue, someone dies; when I cry with a positive tongue, someone comes back to life.

– Stick your tongue out for me. Cuu District just opened his mouth and stuck out his yin tongue when Tao Quan pulled out a knife and cut it off immediately. Duan Tao Quan took the cage and rushed to Cuong Bao’s house, forcing District O to cry out three times. As soon as the cry stopped, Cuong Bao’s wife came back to life. Tao Quan opened the cage for District Cu to return. The King of Hell was devastated when he saw his talented general sent back to his dead body, so he reported it to the Jade Emperor. Ngoc Hoang had never been so surprised and angry. Then he ordered King Thuy to join forces with Thien Loi and the Rain and Storm gods to quickly raise the water to make Cuong Bao and his wife sink to the bottom of the sea, dragging their necks to treat their sins. Believed, Tao Quan told Cuong Bao again. Cuong Bao asked next, Tao Quan said:

-King Thuy and God of Rain are only good at the profession of pouring water; The storm god and the wind god just blew the canvas away. Prepare to make the raft strong, so that no matter how high the water rises, the storm blows the canvas away, nothing can be done. But remember to prepare food and beware of Thien Lei’s sneak attack. Cuong Bao always obeyed. When King Thuy started to offer water, Cuong Bao and his wife were sitting on a banana raft, on which a tent made of banana leaves was prepared to sweep the slippery water the other day. In addition, he planted a flag in each corner and placed a drum and gong in front of his seat. Also brought a chicken. Before long, the water rose as vast as the sea, flooding all the mountain villages; on the other hand, the storm was blowing harder and harder. But on the raft, Cuong Bao leisurely waved flags and gongs. He urged the chicken to climb up to the roof of the tent and crow loudly. Then he stood up and danced with the hammer he took from Thien Lei, and said:

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-This time, I decided to go up to the sky to play a game! Ngoc Hoang, who was sitting in heaven, suddenly heard the sound of gongs and drums and the shouting, so he sent an angel down to see what the sound was. Angels have been listening for a long time and come back to report that Cuong Bao is fighting against the gods, and the great country is threatening to destroy the whole Heavenly Court. The Jade Emperor was afraid, so he said:

– Well, let’s tell the Water God to immediately withdraw the water, and call the other gods to immediately return to Heaven, let him do whatever he wants to do, for another good occasion. Thanks to that, Cuong Bao lived peacefully with his wife. He loved Tao Quan even more and did not forget to drink wine and meat, sometimes inviting Tao Quan to have a drink. But one day, while Cuong Bao was visiting the field, he suddenly saw a crab coming up from the field. The crab stopped in front of him and raised his eyes, raising both pincers for a clamp. Cuong Bao laughed and said:

-Thien Loi, Ha Ba, I am not afraid, you little thing has a lot of strength to dare to be insolent. After saying that, he bent his legs and kicked as if heaven fell on the crab’s body; dead crabs can’t yawn. But Cuong Bao did not expect that the sharp sharp claws of the crabs would bump into his feet, gradually rotting flesh. Cuong Bao’s wife was worried and tried her best to find a doctor, but couldn’t make it in time. Before long, Cuong Bao fell dead. It was King Thuy’s subordinates, following his master’s orders, seeking to harm Cuong Bao by provocative acts. It is said that because Cuong Bao shouted, beat gongs and drums, let the roosters crow, resisted the gods, and made the Jade Emperor order retreat, from then on, Thien Loi was very afraid of the rooster crowing, and King Thuy afraid of the sound of gongs, drums, and screams. Whenever there is thunder and lightning, people imitate the rooster crowing so that Thien Loi does not dare to approach, or when there is a storm, people often ring gongs or shout for the Water God to flee, hoping that the flood water can quickly withdraw.

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