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The talking iron box

At that time, there was a prince who was kidnapped by a witch and kept in a fireplace. Many years have passed, but no one has come to rescue him.

There was a princess in another country going to the forest, engrossed in looking at the trees on the side of the road, she got lost when she didn’t know. It had been nine days, she had wandered in the depths of the forest, and on the ninth day she came before an iron box. As soon as he arrived, a voice called out:

“Where did she come from and where else would she like to go?”

The princess replied:

– I got lost in the forest and now I don’t know the way home.

Another human voice came from the iron box – it was the witch’s fireplace.

“She’ll be home in the blink of an eye, I’ll take her home, but she’ll have to sign a contract to do everything I say.” I am the prince of a great country and want to marry her for a hundred years.

She was shocked all over, thinking:

– My God, how can I live with that iron box.

She very much wanted to return home to live with her father, so she accepted to do whatever he wanted. Then the voice continued:

– When you come back here, remember to bring a knife and make a hole in the iron box.

Then someone took her home, that person walked beside her but didn’t say a word, and two hours later she returned to the palace.

The whole palace was overjoyed when the princess returned. The king was overjoyed, ran out and hugged his daughter.

With a sad face, the princess said:

– Dear father, I am lost in the deep forest. Perhaps I would never have come out of that wild jungle, had I not come across an iron box. It was he who gave me the guide to take me home, and I myself promised to go back there to free the iron box and take it.

Hearing this, the king was shocked, as if he wanted to faint, because the princess was the only child. Over and over again, the king ordered someone to replace the princess. The daughter of the rice miller took the knife to replace the princess. She stabbed the iron box with a knife for twenty-four hours, but the box was still intact, not chipped.

When it was dawn again, from the iron box came a voice:

– I think it seems like the sun is shining again.

The girl said:

“I think I heard a windmill run.

“Ah, it turns out that you are the miller’s daughter, then you can go right away, call the princess here.”

The miller’s daughter returned and told the king that the iron box did not like her but only the princess. Hearing that, the king became afraid, and the princess could only sit and lament her own fate.

In the palace, there is a more beautiful woman than the rice miller, the pig-raising girl. The king rewarded the pig girl with a gold coin and told her to go instead of the princess.

The girl went to the place, tried to poke but the iron box was still not chipped, convex. Twenty-four hours had passed, and suddenly from the iron box came a voice:

– I think it seems like the sun is shining again.

The girl replied:

– I seem to hear the horn and my father’s.

– Well, it turns out she is a pig-raising girl. Then you can go home immediately, call the princess here. Tell the princess that, if she doesn’t keep her promise, the palace will fall, everything will be broken, not even a good brick.

Hearing that, the princess sat down and sobbed. But unable to do otherwise, the princess had to keep her promise. She said goodbye to her father, took a knife with her, and went into the forest where the iron box was. Arriving, the princess sat knocking, after two hours of typing, the princess had punched a small hole. Looking through the hole, under the glitter of gold and diamonds, the princess saw a little person. The princess’s heart suddenly felt agitated, she continued to knock, the hole was wider than before. A guy came out and said:

“It was she who freed him, she was his fiancée, he was hers.”

The boy wants to bring her back to his kingdom. She said she wanted to visit her father again. He agreed on the condition that she only say three sentences and then return immediately. When she got home, she was so busy talking, she didn’t remember the instructions.

After waiting for a while without seeing her return, the young man continued on his way. Before long he had passed the mountain of glass, through the place where swords were swung up and down incessantly.

After the conversation, the princess brought some money to pay for the road, said goodbye to her father, she returned to the big forest to find the person she was dating. The iron box as well as the boy she dated were nowhere to be seen, she kept going like that for nine days straight, her stomach was raging, she had to climb a tree to sit. It was as dark as ink, she sat on her stomach full of worries and fear of being eaten by wild animals, she could only sit and pray for the morning sky. In the middle of the night, she saw a light in the distance. She thought:

– Luckily, I escaped.

She dropped down and went straight in the direction of the light. As she walked, she fell into the shade to pray, and finally she came to a small house, grass was growing all around the house, in front of the house was a high pile of firewood. She thought:

“Now, how do I get in the house?”

Going to the window, looking inside the house, she only saw a small but fat turtle, but on the table were all painted dishes and dishes in silver bowls and plates. She held her breath and knocked softly on the door, and the turtle called out:

Where’s the fat guy?

Get your feet up

Come out and open the door

See who’s coming home.

A tortoise opened the door. Everyone welcomed her very happily, asking her all kinds of things:

“Where did you come from, girl?” Where else are you going to go?

She told everyone the whole story, because she did not keep the time, so the iron box and the prince disappeared. She said she would go to the ends of the earth to find him until she met him again. After listening to the mother turtle said:

Sweet chubby boy

Get your feet up

Get in that room

Get the box out here.

The baby turtle ran to get the box and brought it out. After eating and drinking, the baby turtle showed her the guest bed, she went to bed and fell asleep at this time.

Early the next morning, when she woke up, the mother turtle took three needles from the box and told her to remember to bring her. Either way, she had to go through the mountain of glass, through the place where the three swords were always swinging up and down. And finally across a big river. If she goes through those places, she will meet her lover again. Before parting, the mother turtle gave her an additional plowshare and three chestnuts, telling her to always pay attention to the three treasures: the needle, the plowshare, and the chestnut.

She set out, walking and walking again and again she came to a glass mountain, the mountain was slippery, but when she inserted the other three needles into the toe of her shoe, she found herself walking on earth and she passed through the glass mountain smoothly. easily. After crossing the mountain, she stuck the other three needles in the tree by the side of the road and continued walking. Reaching the three swords, she took out the plow and slid over the three swords with ease. At last she came to the bank of a great river. She took a boat across the river. Right by the river was a large castle, and she asked to be an assistant, because she knew that it was the prince who loved her that owned the castle.

The prince was convinced that he would never see his ex-lover again, so he was engaged to someone else, and was preparing for the wedding.

Now that she was a maid in the palace, after finishing all the chores of the day and taking a bath, she took out a chestnut and tried to eat it, but inside was not a chestnut kernel, but a set of clothes. beautiful wedding. Hearing that the maid had a beautiful wedding dress, the bride came to see it and said she wanted to buy it back. The maid said she did not sell, but was willing to give the bride a wedding dress, if the bride allowed the maid to sleep in the groom’s room.

Looking at that beautiful wedding dress, the bride’s heart longed to have that dress, she immediately accepted. The bride says to the groom:

“That crazy maid wants to spend the night in your room, don’t you?”

The groom replied:

“If you’re willing, then I’m okay with it.”

Before parting to go to bed, the bride invites the groom to drink a cup of wine mixed with sleeping pills. The groom then went to his room to sleep and allowed the maid to come in with him.

Two people entered the room. He slept so soundly that she could not wake up to talk. She stayed up all night lamenting:

– You have freed me from the deep forest, out of the iron box. I have crossed the mountain of glass, crossed three blades, crossed a great river to find you. Now that I’m with him, he doesn’t listen to what I say.

The servants sleeping outside the chamber could hear her lamentation very well the night before. The next day they told their master.

The next evening the girl took a second bite of a chestnut. When the chestnut is broken, it appears inside a gorgeous dress like a bride’s wedding dress. The bride said she wanted to buy it back, but the girl didn’t sell it, only asked to sleep in the groom’s room for the night. The bride agreed, but before that she gave him water mixed with sleeping pills. Entering the room, he immediately fell asleep and slept so soundly that he did not wake up even shaking his body.

The cook girl who stayed up all night lamented:

– You have freed me from the deep forest, out of the iron box. I have crossed the mountain of glass, crossed three blades, crossed a great river to find you. Now that I’m with him, he doesn’t listen to what I say.

The servants sleeping outside the chamber could hear her lamentation very well the night before. The next day they told their master.

On Tuesday night, the cook girl took a bite of the third chestnut. A sumptuous garment embroidered with pure gold thread looked iridescent. The bride wants to buy again, but the girl only asks for another night in the groom’s room.

When he drank the water, the prince let the water flow out. When he slept for a while, he heard a groan:

“Dear brother, I have freed you from the deep forest, out of the iron box.

When he heard this, he got up and said:

– I am the real bride. You’re the one I love, I’m yours.

The prince hid the clothes of the fake bride, hurried with his lover to the carriage and set off that same night. Reaching the other great river bank, they boarded a boat and rowed across the river. Then they came to a place where three swords swung up and down in quick succession. The two sat on the plow that slid past, and at last they reached the mountain of glass. They stuck three pins down the mountain, and safely crossed the mountain. When they had just stepped foot into the old hut, suddenly in front of them appeared a large castle, the servants were busy in and out, they were very happy to welcome the two of them.

Their wedding was held in this palatial castle. Then they went to pick up their father and live with them. The crown prince reigns over both countries.

According to Truyen

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